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Rachmaninoff, Peter Aarons' Musical Idol (Image by Jan Knorr)

Rachmaninoff, Peter Aarons’ Musical Idol (Image by Jan Knorr)

We appreciate your patience as we do a full site renovation here at, the home for author Showandah Terrill’s The Peter Aarons’ Novels and bonus content . Some of you know that we had some technical issues that arose at the end of 2020 (such a marvelous year that was!) that led to the site being down and us now restoring and renovating in the process. Even thought we didn’t anticipate this, we’re actually really excited for what the future can hold as we have the freedom to be creative in this renovation.

With that said, we know that not all of our great content is currently available and we’re working to remedy that. In the meantime, if you’d like to read some of the content that hasn’t currently been restored, go to the Peter Aarons Page that the Internet Wayback Machine has created for us. Additionally, follow us and our updates on Facebook at  .