(Excerpted from Candace Bettencourt’s column, WHO’S WHO IN HOLLYWOOD, 1965)

Peter Aloysha Aarons III, son of media giant Peter Aarons, is considered one of Hollywood’s most eligible young bachelors.  Born in Russia, he is fluent in at least seven languages including his mother tongue. A fine athlete, he is proficient in swimming, diving, tennis and distance running, as well as equestrian arts.  He has both undergraduate and graduate degrees in acting and piano from UCLA, where he was Captain of the UCLA Diving team for two years, and a member of ROTC.

  He has won piano competitions in the United States and abroad, and has been featured in several of his father’s films.  While his usual residence is with his grandmother, Esther DiPirelli Aarons in her home high in the Hollywood Hills, he is currently fulfilling his military obligation as a translator at the Italian Embassy in Rome.