In Order Of Their Appearance…

“Mama, remember you said last night God was gonna send us an angel?”

– Royal Rafael Ruiz


Peter Aloysha Aarons III – known to the family as Aloysha

Edythe Gustafson – The icily distant housekeeper from Peter’s youth

Esther Cyprienne DiPirelli Aarons – Peter’s paternal grandmother

Kristoffer Miller – the actor.  Peter’s best friend

Max Oxenford – Manages the household for Peter Senior

Peter Aloysha Aarons, Jr.  – Peter’s father.  The White Lion of Hollywood

Catherine Aarons – Peter’s mother.  Much of her early life remains a tantalizing mystery

Racheal Sophia Aarons – Peter’s youngest sister, who is about fourteen when the story begins.

Esther June Aarons – the older of Peter’s two much younger sisters.  She is about sixteen at the beginning of the story.

Geneva Miller – Kit’s mother, wife of a Methodist minister. Dying of cancer.

Billie Miller – Kit’s wife

Travis Miller – Kit’s two-year-old son

Steven Effendi – dear Baha’i friend of Grandmother Esther and Peter’s childhood counselor.

Albert Saucedo – Musical Director for the Greater Los Angeles Symphony (GLAS)

The Ladies Who Came to Dinner:

Isabelle Schwartz – very Jewish, very finished

Melanie Rosallini – the sweet little racist

Nina Goldman – lithe, lovely and after one thing

Mrs. Bartos – the Employment Agency Lady

The people who interview to replace Mrs. Gustavson:

The Osbournes – who are disdainful

The Lagervahls – “the Teutonic Terrorists”

Gloriosa Daisy Ruiz – Peter’s choice for a new housekeeper

Rafael Ruiz – Glory’s husband.  An excellent gardener

Royal Ruiz – their almost four-year-old son

Titus Ruiz – their two-year-son. “A milk chocolate confection”

Arthur Antrim – who owns the gardening service Esther Aarons has used for years

Herb” – he of the white suit

Francis Monroe – Foreman for Blue Duck Farms

Ignatius Cordoba – Manager where Peter banks

Gordy – owns the coffee shop, and serves absolutely anybody who likes good coffee

Reuben and Jennifer Teufert – he pastors the local Baptist Church and invites Glory to come

Johnny Georges – the jocular gent who mans the main gate at the studio

Anita – in make-up.  She has some advice for Peter

George Deaton – Director of an Aarons film

Florian Swift – Asst. Director of Apache Pass

Amber Kestrel – child actress, friend of Racheal, thorn in Peter’s side.

Bobbi Jean Bates – From Texas, who saves Peter’s life in more ways than one

Mrs. Norris – Reggie Clevenger’s secretary

Reggie Clevenger – Director of Apache Pass

David Swift – Age six, Florian’s son and child actor

Johnathan Berry – “The Buffalo Soldier”.  Baha’i missionary to the Navajo

Marie Berry – Registered Nurse.  Johnathan’s wife

Glen and Linda King – Doctors called in to care for Peter’s sister, Esther

Jack Boyd – the Aarons family doctor

The brothers Weiss – tailors extraordinaire

Some members of the board of Aarador LA:

Adolf Katz, Andy Radnovich, Dorian Wraithwaite

Andy Ashbrook – grooms and trains the Aarons horses and their respective riders

The Aarons’ Lawyers:

Solomon Goldberg, Robin Sutton

Aengus McBride – Esther’s Fiancé

Vernon – Racheal’s afternoon fling in Grandmother’s bed

Miss Eunice Trust – Headmistress King Solomon Academy for Young Women

Shea Olander – Madcap musical genius.  Musical Director for the Classical Cruise

Peter Aarons III
Peter Aarons, by Kristoffer Miller