This is the place to read about things from the reality of racism in the 60’s, to a biography of our narrator and protagonist, Peter Aloysha Aarons III.

A list of characterswill help you figure out who’s who in case you get lost or can’t remember.

The Early Biography of Peter Aloysha Aarons III   gives you background and helps you understand why he thinks and behaves as he does.

There is also historical information:

Racial Issues in the 1960’s will help you understand why the hiring of a mixed-race minority couple with mixed race offspring would have been a big, maybe dangerous deal.

Cochise, Jeffords and Apache Pass gives you both the historical background and the Hollywood take on these two giants of the old west.


I want to, no I NEED to know the rest of Peter Aaron’s story.  I need to know what the future holds for Glory & Rafael Ruiz and their boys.  Will Peter follow his dreams, or his father’s dreams?  I can’t wait for the next book.”

–E.M. Lousbury, DarkestGoth Magazine 

Brilliant Moon Award Winner 
5 (out of 5) Moons

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