Glory Days Book


Before civil rights and gay rights and equal money for equal work, there was the 1960’s, and Viet Nam, and an underlying current of civil unrest that occasionally bubbled to the surface. Out of the horrors of Southeast Asia and into the rarified air of 1960’s Hollywood stepped Peter Aarons, into the shadow of his powerful father, Peter Aarons. The real one – the White Lion of Hollywood.

When your only goal is to be the finest concert pianist since Sergei Rachmaninoff, and you are neither snob nor power monger, and you don’t want to run the family business or be an actor in more than a passing sort of way, life gets complicated. When you want to hire a black housekeeper with a Mexican husband, things get downright unpleasant.

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It’s been 26 years since we last met Peter Aloysha Aarons. At 52, he’s finished his doctorate, been in the movies and on the concert stage, won an Emmy, made peace with his father, and he’s been married – and divorced. What he’s never been, is in love. 

That is about to change, challenging his views of morality and utterly destroying his well-ordered and much cherished routine. Is the love of this quirky female author worth losing the love of his father? How much is he actually willing to give up to be with her – this perfect and perfectly improbable stranger?


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